What is – NewsPixels™? How can I be published in it?

Door County Newspixels™ – Our copyrighted proprietary digital platform designed in-house. Timeless digital issues are like an updateable interactive digital ‘coffee table’ book. All together they have been enjoyed in over 5000 cities. The Dreaming issue enjoyed in over 27 countries and featuring the Door County Tesla (car) connection. 

Door County has fans all over the world, not unlike NFL’s Green Bay Packers. These fans have limited options to engage this ‘brand’. We offer an inclusive, digital interactive engagement platform for these legends of fans and soon to be fans. We have shaped our digital offerings as a form of entertainment to become the invited guests in homes & offices everywhere. Our efforts started in 2008.

31 Door County lovers contributed amazing content to the last issue. See below how to be considered for our newest edition being published nationwide this Nov. see below.

Our Door County Wishbooks™ our delivered nationwide inside our free to enjoy platform. 

Our first 5 digital efforts were accepted into the Library Of Congress. Enjoy the latest on your biggest screen (smart TV preferred). Link. This one asset alone could be a significant business. Together it’s quite something wonderfully engaging. Designed exclusively to carry and present the Door County experience worldwide. TAP Image Below. Your browser will transform into an amazing Door County platform (Cast it to your smart tv!). As a platform, they are designed for serendipitous discovery of the Cherry Life!™ on your biggest screen. Advertiser? All of our digital ad partners are offered the chance to have a presence in this platform for no additional cost. (value added). Inquire at info@doorcountysocial.com

Get published in our digital Door County Wish Books. Freely distributed, first to Door County enthusiasts around the U.S. and then across the world for discovery.

See the Holiday issue archived here.

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Door County related – as entertainment!

  • Short stories.
  • Videos – all sorts.
  • Animation’s
  • Fun and/or beautiful photos

Amateurs take note. Maybe you, your kids or you know someone that might be interested.

Our next Door County Wish Book (The Dreaming Edition) is coming out very soon. Target is Feb.11, 2017 Don’t  wait. Submit your family friendly contributions to today  info@DoorCountySocial.com

Get published and have your efforts discovered and enjoyed nationally. Our digital publishing efforts have been enjoyed/consumed in over 5,000 cities across the world. You have a passion for Door County and love to write, tell stories, take great photo’s and or you or your kids can create fun, entertaining and/or dreamy short videos about what you love about or an experience in Door County. Something you’d like to share with Door County enthusiasts across the country and globe.


See archived holiday wish book here. This issue will have more interactive content. We will choose 4 or 5 items submitted from each category. The rest may appear on our website from time to time. Or possibly a future Wish Book. Entry gives permission to use through our various digital channels. Anything published will give credit to the creator of course. Please include names(s). Where taken, inspired etc…

Our next Door County Wish Book is coming out very soon. Target is Nov. 20, 2017 Don’t  wait. Submit your family-friendly contributions to today  info@DoorCountySocial.com


Videos – Shortish maybe 1 min. – 3 minutes. Something you or your kids created or could create quickly. iMovie is an incredible thing. Tell the story of your vacation. Maybe a vacation mashup! Time-lapse – home to here? Sunsets, sunrises? Anyone including kids show off your film making skills. SUBMIT   info@doorcountysocial.com



Animations! Very short maybe up to 3 minutes. Example – See one of the first animated digital magazines covers in the world. It’s Door County related. Click here.



Writing/Stories – Short – Flash Fiction (100 – 1,000 words): This is the type of short-short story you would expect to find in a glossy magazine, often used to fill one page of quick romance (or quick humor, in mags) Very popular, quick and easy to write, and easy to enjoy! From: http://www.writing-world.com/fiction/length.shtml


Submit  info@doorcountysocial.com


Photos – Beautiful, fun, unique. Submit it. Decent quality appreciated. iPhones, iPads, and Androids do take great photos. Great fun selfies taken in Door County maybe even photobombed!  Submit  info@doorcountysocial.com



Ideas – Top categories people are across the country are dreaming/wishing about via recent poll. 2016


Beautiful Sunsets




Fresh Air




Living The Cherry Life!

Staying at a Cottage.

Site seeing.


Other ideas or use your imagination…

Vacation timeline.

Time lapse.

Sailing, quiet sports, shopping, etc..


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