By: Emily Wottreng

Summer fun will be knocking at your Door

Anyone who has been to Door County is probably pondering the same question: How can one list only three reasons to visit Door County? It’s a more than fair question, because Door County has infinite summer fun potential. As Wisconsin’s peninsula, the shores of Lake Michigan offer so much opportunity for families to enjoy their summer time together. Here at Door County Social, we have chosen some of the standout events of the summer that will make a great trip north even better.


#1 Annual Lighthouse Festival

Door County Cana Island LighthouseSpend some (mari)time exploring the iconic lighthouses of Door County at the annual Lighthouse Festival! While some of the peninsula’s beautiful lighthouses are accessible throughout select hours and seasons, this festival provides tours to some that are usually closed off to the public. Tours are available on land, and even by boat, specifically during this festival from June 9-11. Travelers of all ages will love the views, the history, and the beauty that these memorable lighthouses have to offer.Lighthouse festival in Door County!


#2 Try Your Hand At Cherry Picking

Cherry picking in Door County is a must!Kids will love a trip to Door County in late July-early August to divulge in one of the peninsula’s most-known-for treats. Over 2,000 acres of Door County are designated to cherry orchards, which means families can easily find a local farm, grab a pail, and start the cherry picking! These savory cherries are ideal for bringing home and cooking with. Craft some of the best jams, jellies, and pies in all the land (or indulge in some treats while visiting, too!)



#3 Explore the Shores and So Much More

Come walk the beaches of Door County with those you love.

Being surrounded by water means miles and miles of phenomenal beaches for the whole family to enjoy. Whether on the bay side, the lake side, or Washington Island, the sand and water give plenty of reason to love Door County. Rent kayaks, try paddleboarding, go sailing, take a boat tour, tackle some fishing, or simply relax on the beach with a book in hand – Door County is a summer paradise. Not to mention, kids will love learning about the over 200 shipwrecks that have taken place in Door County. The northeastern shores of Wisconsin offer adventure at every turn and corner.

The quaint towns, the lively restaurants, the peaceful waters, and the calming vistas make Door County an incredible summer destination. Find further inspiration for planning your trip by following us at Door County Social. Summers are always so short and so sweet, and only a trip to Door County can make these months even sweeter.