• The Door County SocialTM Marketing Opportunity

A Five Season Market & Discovery spot!

Door County’s only omnichannel marketing opportunity.

  • Locally and to the nation.
    • Your goods – Showcased online nationally to as many as 40,000+ Door County fans.
    • Your goods – Showcased in a classy Door County storefront year round with the NiCESSiTiES, of 22 other local makers.
    • Your goods – in an all inclusive online Door County store. (Optional)
      **** For about the cost of a one-day ad in a ‘paper,’ ‘Door County Social’ offers 5 days a month of targeted digital marketing and your goods in a year round store front with the option of being available for purchase in our collective online store. 
      **** Now just 2 year-round prime spots left. You create, we’ll showcase your efforts nationally and locally.
    • Are you a local entrepreneur, up-cycler, carver, jewelry maker, blacksmith, community rep., visual artist, 3D printer, author, artisan, foodie, crafts-person? Are food products (sealed), or sewing, weaving, beach glass, driftwood, twig furniture, or maybe wind chimes your passion? Something unique? Leverage the Door County Social network and retail shop (44 N. 3RD Sturgeon Bay) to showcase your NiCESSiTiES, your efforts, your community. We offer a variety of unique marketing/showcasing options that allow you to keep as much as 90% of a sale. 22 spots now taken. 


Calling all regional entrepreneurs, up-cyclers, artisans, authors, creators, small businesses, unique experiences from Door County and the lakeshore region.

  • Showcase your efforts/talent. Do you create something special a ‘NiCEssitie’ as we call it or provide a unique regional experience? Are you an artisan, painter, author, musician, craftsperson, maker, blacksmith or maybe you create items out of beach glass? Or foodie with a tasty shelf stable product?
  • Perhaps stain glass, sewing, weaving or knitting is your craft? 3D printing specialist? 3D Shoes? Do you create beautiful wind chimes?
  • Maybe even a village looking for more people to discover your destination. We have a special place to showcase be discovered and sell your efforts year round.
  • You do your thing and we’ll market, showcase and offer to sell your goods/experience year-round.

We have a business model(s) that allows you to keep up to 90% of the selling price (with a reasonable monthly fee – about the cost of one small newspaper ad.)

Benefits to our unique prime opportunity.

These Prime Marketing Agreements Include Floor or Vertical Marketing Space. 

  • Monthly Personalized Digital Marketing Campaigns Specific To Your Efforts. Regional &/or National. 
  • Leading Digital Agency Support.
  • Ability to leverage the engaging Door County Social Network  – est 2008.
  • Ability to sell through our ShopAllDoorCounty.com (Online store) growing since 2012. (If needed). 
  • Marketing space in one of Door County’s premier year-round retail marketing showcase spaces. (Note: we have moved into phase three and about 3 primes spaces remain).
  • In store cashier labor included.
  • Bags, tissues included for some items. 
  • Digital Brochure and national newsstand placement included with most plans.
  • Full page, full color live digital ad in our network.
  • Ability to participate in shop meet and greets.
  • Utilities – heat, a/c, lights included, a couple of spots could have one plug-in available if needed.
  • Some of our space plans allow you to keep up to 90% of sales.
  • Monthly cost? Various plans – all similar to the cost of a small one-day newspaper ad.
    Be part of a unique fun new opportunity that’s is starring some of the new and rising Door County entrepreneurs, small businesses, authors, and artists. Come see us in person.

The Door County SocialTM Shop

A Five Season Market & Discovery spot!

Holiday | ‘Dreaming’ | Spring | Summer | Fall

Prime location.

  • Our beautiful Door County shop is designed for serendipitous cross discovery.
  • A collective marketplace to be explored year round. How cool is that?
  • Even better, local, regional, and national digital marketing support are included.
  • Professional staffed (you need not be here)
  • Entrepreneurs – Including a limited number from around the Fresh Riviera® (aka Great Lakes region).
  • Compare benefits & value to traditional various marketing/media opportunities.
  • Compare –  A Local radio special offered currently is $200 a day. Yes, $200 a day – In store marketing space NOT included with radio.
  • Local paper. $14 a col. Inch. So a 3 x 5 ad is $210 for one ad in one paper – In store marketing space NOT included with paper ads.
  • For close to the advertised price of one day on the radio or one small ad in on local paper, you get the following benefits each month with our unique marketing opportunity.
  • Physical selling space where you keep up to 90% of the selling price. Our online storefront is also available to you if needed.
  • Our Digital marketing agency’s support. Targeted digital ad buys, five days each month of personalized (to your efforts) ad buys that pulsate out 1000’s of digital ads locally, regional and nationally to mobile, tablets, and desktops included.
  • Leveraging our giant Door County Social Network. Over 40,000 opt-in base of Door County enthusiasts (+ growing) in our multi channel digital network.
  • The synergy of other vendors ads and marketing pointing to the same location.
  • Part of an exciting new business model. 
  • Store labor included.
  • We cover credit cards/debit card fee with our fee.
  • Ability to do meet and greets with customers.
  • Are you dreaming of getting your creations out in the world? 
  • Maybe you’re looking for a second spot in the county to raise your exposure, maybe your studio/store location doesn’t quite have the exposure (year-round) you’d like, you could possibly use our place as a sampler to led guests to seek out your main spot.
  • Maybe a village looking for a unique interactive cross discover spot. A digital kiosk? With our innovative mindset, we could help you come up with something very interesting leading more to discover your village’s charm and events. 
  • Limited spaces available. About 70% of our space available is now under contract. Now moving into phase 3. Let’s start a conversation today to see how your efforts may star in Door County’s coolest shop!
  • In addition, our partner digital marketing agency with access to and support from to the Door County Social Network is included related to your monthly marketing.
    The various vendor plans available. All with very attractive terms. 

We have plans for floor space, tables/kiosks and vertical space for visual art. A plan is for authors and musicians  – a special book/DVD showcasing option  – details on this in-store). Main floor space plans details below. Please inquire in-store about the plans of the other and how much space remains. 

Prime Vendor Marketing Space. Horizontal table/area space. Minimum one week a month targeted ad buy and physical horizontal space within our store. Year-round agreements. Lock in pricing 12, 14, or 16 months depending on what contracts are still available. Limited availability. Note: We also have vertical display space available for visual art.

  • Prime Floor Vendor Basic
    See many of the benefits listed above.
    Contact Tracy for current pricing.
  • Prime Floor Plus
    2X the ads of Basic – Includes a 10-day personalized ad campaign each month. 12 ad buy segments in a 12 month period. (2, 5-day segments a month)
    See many of the benefits listed above.
    Contact Tracy for current pricing.
  • Prime Deluxe – With full ad marketing agency support. Included.
    Entrepreneurs (you) keep 90% of revenue.
    2X the ads of Basic – Includes a 10 day (2, 5-day segments) each month. Each a personalized ad. With deluxe you may change the ads buys twice a month.
    See many of the benefits listed above.
  • All plans should benefit from the critical mass of all the other vendors’ ads driving traffic and awareness to shared marketing space.
  • Store clerk labor included.
    Contact Tracy for pricing.
    The Details Explained:

The Space: Our marketing agreement includes extensive online marketing through our network to garner you, customers, both online and in our storefront.

Marketing/retail space for your goods with unique affordable marketing space agreements that allow you to keep up to 90% of your sales.
The shop will be open avg. 6 days week on-season and 5 days off-season. (Labor included)
Downtown Sturgeon Bay. One of Door County’s best year-round retail locations.
A trained retail professional overseeing the shop and acting as a cashier/clerk. Your presence on-site is not required. (We’d consider discussing trading days for space in a unique situation. ) Note, we plan on having numerous days where the public can meet the makers/artisans/creators/reps. Maybe you’d like to participate in this. 
Floor space & Visual Art. We have floor space available as well as a limited amount of visual art wall space. (We acquired the Art Leagues stand up display panels.) 
Books/DVD’s. Door County related books & DVD’s. Authors/illustrators, musicians with a Door County connection we have a very special showcase wall for a limited number of books/DVD’s. This includes paid national digital marketing as well. Priced right. 
Inquire today, even though we’d love to have everybody’s incredible creations space won’t allow it. 
The Marketing: Included

Since 2008 we have grown the Door County Social Network now with about 40,000 opt Door County enthusiasts in our various channels. Our prime vendor partners will enjoy a personalized, programmed digital marketing campaign, leveraging this audience and more to support your efforts both sending you traffic online (if needed) and into our shop looking for your goods. (Note: We have a collective online shopping site for selling Door County goods nationally if you don’t have an online store. This is also available for you to leverage ShopAllDoorCounty.com depending on you Prime package.
Featured on our websites.
Inclusion in all press releases. Ability to hold special events inside or on our sidewalk (could be possible as allowed).
For a limited time, year-round Prime Plus & Prime Deluxe floor space vendors who come onboard will be offered a $300 digital brochure for no additional charge. Unlimited copies (views) and it will it included in the soon to be launched digital discover grid designed for all devices. They will enjoy a complimentary ad in our Door County Social’s national digital discovery grid. Door County NewsPixels. Link
Note: Our business model allows for you the vendor to keep up to 90% of the retail selling price of your goods, services, gift certificates with unique low-cost monthly marketing fee.

In addition to our affordable yearly marketing partnership agreements with are considering shorter term from 3 – day weekend to 6 months agreements (possible) if space allows. Rates vary and scale with the season. All come with a limited version of our digital marketing effort. Please inquire. 

Call Tracy Andropolis – Owner at (920) 256-1951 or email Tracy@etntdigital.com

Come and see me at 44 N. Third Sturgeon Bay, WI
M-Thur 10-5, Fri 3 – 9, Sat 10-6. Or by appointment before or after hours.

2017 Testimonials. Martha and Deanna started in our shop’s Holiday Edition and now have both signed for a full year.

Martha Bennett who has had sales in Door County’s truly off season both in store and online. I’m very excited to be one of the local artists/entrepreneurs on display at the Door County Social Shop!  Tracy has been extremely helpful and encouraging with my in-store products.  But the best part is this:  I’m not very tech savvy with digital marketing, and she does it all for me, included with my monthly in-store & online marketing agreement!  I have an Etsy shop and a new e commerce website, and because of the advertising Tracy designed and programmed for me through the Door County Social Network, my December sales were great – at least one sale per day for the three weeks before and after Christmas. AND…on the first day of my new ad program, I had sales- my FIRST sales- actually, on my new website! Plus more hits to my website than any single day since I started my online shop!   If you are a local artisan looking for affordable space for your products, or someone to do digital marketing for you, I highly recommend Tracy at the Door County Social Shop!

From Deanna “Being in the Door County Social Shop and working with Tracy and Perry has been a great experience!
They know way more about digital marketing and online advertising than I do. With their help, our products are exposed to a way a wider group of people than we can reach just by going to the farm markets.
Perry and Tracy are easy to work with. They move and group everyone’s products so they compliment each other and look great in the displays.
I learn from them and they learn from me so they can answer customer questions with knowledge and insight.”

Deanna, Bayview Organics 

Intangibles – being selected and promoted extensively on site and through all our channels (with many 1000’s of impressions) will raise awareness for your efforts among Door County fans and some are sure to seek you out in their next visit in this year and beyond.

Internships – Please note and share if you know just the right person. This year we are looking for just the right people/students for internships for innovative retail both in store and online and also for our partners very innovative and leading edge digital discover, ad and content publishing efforts. More here http://etntdigital.com/careers/

Options; Maybe you’re interested but don’t have a sharp looking display or info kiosk. We have vendor options for most anything you can dream up. Themed custom printed full table covers, stand up custom printed banners of any size or unique branded kiosks. Just inquire.
We have unique tools and avenues available to market to a modern world on a year-round basis. This effort is supported by a very innovative local leading digital marketing agency. Please inquire. Digital ad info link.

Future customers and shop visitors, sign up to get updates about special in-store events!


Our shop offers NiCEssities from these Door County  Entrepreneurs, Makers and Artisans:


Bayview Organics, LLC.: Makers of artisan botanical soaps made with plant-based and essential oils, aroma therapy soy candles, hand-crafted wooden cutting boards and more.

FabricART by mARTha: Maker of beautifully ice-dyed clothing and scarves. Ice-dying provides beautifully marbled and flowery results often described as Monet paintings.

Rêve Calme: Makers of luxury pillow sprays and bath salts. Door County based sold globally.

Fresh Riviera® Clothing. Ethical & natural private label lounge wear / sleep wear. A local effort underway. Coming soon.

Andrew J. (Andy – Jack) Andropolis Paintings. Originals from lifetime of work by the late Door County artist. On loan from the Andropolis Estate.  He was also known as the artist with the AndyJack’s gallery. 

Good Morning, Door County: A delightful children’s book by author Ann Heyse, a poet, and published essayist. Illustrated by mural artist Karen Wilke Heyse. Who also illustrated Goodnight St. Louis. The #1 selling book in St. Louis two years in a row.

David T. Wilkinson Photography.

Little Harbor Designs. Offering hand crafted purses by Joan.

Farm & Forest Woodworking.

Amanda Hatton Handmade ceramic whistles. 

INDIGO Artisan Jewelry.

Paula Wendland – Ceramic Figurines.

Tom – Hillside Pottery

3D Printed Items. Cana Island lighthouse and more. Modern creativity by Matt Davis.

Door To Door Publishing. Books, A Door County Night Before Christmas and Dee Cee The Door County Freighter.

Delphinus Naturals. Skin Care.

Interfibers Design Gallery

Chris Maves Photography

David Heilman Photography 

Sue Steckart Jarosh Door County’s Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Mouse Book

Sandra Peterson Prints.

Wood-In-Hand. Custom turned wood products.




Phase 1 and 2 are filled, phase 3 is underway (about 3 main slots left for now) come join them. Inquire today.

And just 2 visual art display spots remain. A few spots remain for showcasing local books and DVD’s.

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